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Welcome to the Divine Legacy Website! 

Divine Legacy  Is a Lvl 14, Strict PvP Guild. We're a family consisting of players committed to helping and working with each other to enjoy the total experience offered in Rift. We look forward to your commitment in progressing forward and also having fun and making new friends.  
(BTW, We will help with Gear and Spec)

If you are a Visitor and are intrested in joining Divine Legacy. There are many ways to contact us. Go to Dayblind shard and ask one of us for an invite. Email Anabeth through this website mail, or if your having trouble and/have questions please go to our facebook link (located to the left) and mail me through there.

We wanna thank the members who have shaped Divine Legacy and have stuck through it all. You all are Great and you are what makes this Legacy, Divine. And what makes us known to the Defiant as "The Family"

Anabeth and Elfenia

All pictures made and are provided by Anabeth. Including the logo at the top has been made from personal pictures.
 Its Anabeths Character Named Lyiah (dayblind). All © Copy Rights Reserved 2011.


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What Makes us Stronger?

AnaKorin, Nov 23, 11 2:17 AM.
The ones who have remained have become a true family. We want to turn this guild into a Strong 10 or 20 Man guild With R8's. A family who co-exists and works together. A family who thinks a like and knows how each other moves in battle. We can't very well do this with only a few members here and there or members who do not get on for ages. So we have been kicking people left and right. We have also lost some members to shard changes due to their IRL friends or IRL issues. Which is fine and we wish them the best of luck And you guys are more than welcome to come back anytime.

Some of you members may be concerned with why the absences of your guild leaders. Well, that is what your officers are for, they are there to guide you when i am not there. They are your Acting GM when i or elf are not there. So look to them for answers.


Fast Days and Slow Nights

AnaKorin, Oct 27, 11 12:46 PM.

Well it seems as though Divine Legacy has hit a Slow Time. Some things have gotten hectic in the Real Life for some and some have just gone MIA altogether. Those that have stayed active sit in waiting for everyone to get back. I truely Hope those that have been MIA come back soon and that everything is alright. Here is another picture of Divine legacy Kicking Butt in a 10 vs 10 in IPP, pvp daily Area.


We've Been Growing!

AnaKorin, Oct 13, 11 11:30 PM.

Well Our guild has been growing and thats great! Welcome all new Members. We have decided for now, that there is not a limit on how many certain classes we have. All is welcomed at this point, to join. We are overflowing with rogues, but thats not a bad thing is it? lol. Here is Another Picture From a couple nights ago. Your Two leaders Literally Camping at a Defiant Grave. Enjoy! haha


The Legacy Re-Divined

AnaKorin, Oct 4, 11 10:52 AM.
Wow! So far so great Members! Last night was one of the most Fun nights and i know it will only get more fun as the nights/days go by. I have downloaded some of the pictures from Last night onto the facebook page. This website doesn't Hold all the pictures we'd like it to hold. Here is just a Glimpse of How much fun we had

Above is the Large Fight in Stillmoor that took place Last Night (10/04/11)
Wanna See More? Go to our Facebook and check out the Fun.

-Divine Legacy-


The Legacy Re-Divined

AnaKorin, Sep 27, 11 9:00 PM.
As some of our members have already started to see. There have been some changes in the direction this guild is taking. We all know we've been leaning towards PVP. But its time to Dive right into FULL pvp. With 1.5 Coming up, the DUO and solo Raid dungeons make it to where you as a member of RIFT can do these dungeons by yourself or with one other partner. So there is really no reason for a PVE end to this guild anymore. ALL members will need to re-look over the rules and policies that this guild will newly acquire and or change. Please refer to our Rules page located in the upper left hand collumn  of this page. If you are asked by someone in another Shard to have our Vent info to speak with us. Please give them this info. They most likely are people who have read up on the forums being posted by elf and have some questions. If you have any questions or concerns about this New Direction please post away on this thread. If you as a member have decided this is NOT what you want you need to find another guild.

Divine Legacy is currently recruiting the following:
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